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Herbal Panch Tulsi (30ml)

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Herbal Panch Tulsi Herbal Panch Tulsi is an excellent blend of extracts of five kinds of Tulsi namely Ram Tulsi Sweet Tulsi Van Tulsi  Arjak Tulsi. This medicine is made of various medicinal properties and is quite effective in treating various diseases. This medicine is rich in antioxidants and is quite famous for its healing powers. Herbal Panch Tulsi includes five various basils that bring multiple medicinal benefits. It is a well-known solution that removes blood impurities and boosts the immunity of the human body. Herbal Panch Tulsi helps in fighting cold, cough, constipation, abdominal pain, stomach pain, vomiting, obesity and much more. This is based on an ayurvedic formulation that helps to enhance the respiratory system and boost immunity. Moreover, it holds various antimicrobial properties. This is quite beneficial for skin, liver as well as joint health. Dosage Take Herbal Panch Tulsi, take a few drops in the morning and evening just half an hour before the meal. Take this medicine twice daily on a regular basis for better outputs. It is better to consult with your physician for direction or follow the dosage usage given on the packet. If you are looking for the Herbal Panch Tulsi, purchase this medication. We ensure you to offer this medicine at the best market price. Check out the product now and place your order and get it delivered at your door within the shortest period.