Privacy is the most important aspect with humans and when it comes to safeguarding the interest of various necessary documents such as UID, Bank card information and any other related necessary documents it is the best we do. With medical services getting day to day update with medical bills, payments and other similar attributes it makes sense to give care and protection of the information that we receive from our customers. Your privacy remains our utmost priority and we adhere to the governing laws and regulations with various data protection act and abide by the rules of US regulatory bodies.

We at My Meds Shop we always consider that our customers personal information should be kept secret and with safety and security of the data with the process of login it makes coded with safe process on our websites. The reason behind gathering such information whether personal or medical information it helps to make knowledgeable decisions along with giving the customers a smooth shopping experience for medicine and other related drugs. The data which we collect needs to be found to be correct and also with registering the data along with placing the order on the website gives access with filing the form as a login forum once and also for the next products.

Email ID information has become the most secure way to serve the customer and also get important medicine information. We do not try to give your email to any third party without your consent and it is the first step towards protecting along with updating information on the websites.

Here are few other personal information that gets collected but are not shared by My Meds Shop:

  • Patient/ Doctor/ Healthcare professional name
  • Birth/Date/Age
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Phone number/mobile number
  • Email address
  • Personal media records and history
  • Login ID and password
  • Records of interaction with health related checkups, diagnosis and other general activity
  • Any other information that is willingly shared by you.

Necessity behind collecting personal information:

Personal information which we gather from the customers can be used for different purpose. The most important is the purpose of billing and for helping the perfect bill for the product we just need personal information.

Sharing and transferring of personal information:

We take your consent in sharing information about you which are personal and also across the borders, territory, organization and all applicable according to the laws, regulations and services by My Meds Shop.

Cookies Policy:

The cookie policy is also done with the regulations and we store temporary or permanent cookies on your computer. You can erase or block the cookies from the computer while configuring your computer’s browser to alert with option to accept or refuse the cookies. But in case you did the cookies off it may prevent from using certain features of the websites.

Data Security

The data security works with safe and advanced tools along with software to store the information. On our website and services you will never find any type of piracy and fraud which makes us the most popular online pharmacy.