The CYTOTEC 200 MCG and MTP KIT are effective medications that prevent pregnancy. They are the
best method of birth control. These medicines are hormonal preparations that may contain
combinations of the hormones estrogen and progestin. This combination prevents pregnancy after
inhibiting the release of hormones luteinizing hormone.

Medicines in Easy to Use Dispensers

We are offering many of the birth control pills in easy to use dispensers. The day of the week or a
consecutive number is written on the dispenser with the corresponding tablet for each day, if you
are looking for a complete medical process then, go for it.

Convenient and Cost Effective

Birth control medicines, sold in our websites are totally are of women, and free from any kind of
risks. This both medicines are prescription medications that prevent pregnancy. These can also be
used to prevent anemia. Our medicines are convenience as well as cost effective.

We Help You in Taking the Right Decision

We are providing the complete information to read common sues, dosage details and user review
that will help you to take the right decision. One more thing, use a progestin-only medicine during
lactation if you are using birth control pills.

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